2004 Emerging Business Success Story

Envirotrol, LLC

  • Owner: Mickey Crues
  • Nature of Business: Pest Control Operator
  • City: Garden City
  • County: Finney County
  • Phone: 620-275-2344
  • Phone: mickeycrues@sbcglobal.net
  • Business Structure: LLC
  • Business Began: 2000
  • Employees: 4
  • KSBDC Consultant: Patricia Veesart

Secret to Success:

"It's all about balance...don't ever take yourself too seriously, life is too short...enjoy yourself and love what you do!"

With the heart of a true entrepreneur, Mickey Crues knew that he was worth more than he was getting from his employer. He understood many aspects of his business and wanted to learn how to do the rest and wasn't afraid to ask for assistance. He came to the Garden City Community College Small Business Development Center, along with a partner to begin discussions on how to get it started. Their consultant worked with them on building a business plan and putting together a financial projection for the first three years of the prospective business.

"Our consultant helped us to not only fill up the box but also to look outside the lines for alternatives," said Crues, "we wound up self-financing the company so that we could concentrate on growing the business instead of having to worry about paying the debt."

Envirotrol LLC began as a partnership, but as the business grew, their goals changed and Mickey bought out his partner and formed his own LLC. Since that time the business has absorbed another local pest control company and has continued to grow.

"We've structured the company to ensure a strong foundation that allows us positive growth." Envirotrol LLC specializes in pest control, termite control, ground sterilization for commercial and industrial lots and they also do termite inspections for lending institutions. The business has also allowed Mickey to spend time with his family and do some public speaking that he enjoys. "We have been very fortunate to this point in our business, but we also understand that even with a strong foundation, we cannot rest on past success - that would be detrimental to the future. We must continue to learn and grow both as a business and as people."

"The KSBDC was instrumental in getting this business started. Our consultant helped us to separate desire from reality, understand our venture and build a solid business. I continue to refer people to them"
Mickey Crues