2006 Emerging Business of the Year

Critical Care Transfer, Inc.

  • Owner: Kevin & Debra Barbo
  • Nature of Business: Ambulance Transfer Service
  • City: Ulysses
  • County: Grant County
  • Phone: 877-511-2121
  • Business Structure: Corporation
  • Business Began: 2003
  • Employees: 17
  • KSBDC Consultant: Patricia Veesart

Secret to Success:

"Enjoy what you do - stay involved and be a real part of it! We keep up with our crews and are out there with them - it really cuts down on any misunderstandings".
Kevin Barbo, CCT

Kevin and Debra Barbo provide a very specialized service in Southwest Kansas with Critical Care Transfer, Inc. (CCT). While area counties provide the first response to emergency calls, many rural Emergency Medical Services are short on paramedics, ambulances and resources for extended service. With today's emphasis on specialized medical care, more and more patients need to be transferred to and from the larger hospitals in the larger cities. CCT provides advanced life support ambulance transfers. In a business that began to serve Ulysses and the surrounding communities, they are finding that they fill a need in a much wider service area.

They have already added a second ambulance to their business and their units have taken patient transfers to eight states including Oklahoma, Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska and Texas. Kevin is a paramedic - Emergency Mobile Intensive Care Technicians (EMICT) and Debra is an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). They started their business as a Type II service with their own skills and hired two local paramedics and an to staff their service on a part-time basis. They now employ eight paramedics on a part-time basis and have a total staff of seventeen with a full-time staff of three. Every run includes at least one paramedic so that advance life support is always available. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The first year they averaged 21 runs per month, the second year 32 runs per month, 38 runs per month in the third year and 45 runs per month in their fourth year.

They called on the Garden City Community College KSBDC early in their business as they were seeking funding for their service. The consultant worked with them on a business plan, financial projections, personnel issues, promotions and controlled growth. As the business grew they contacted the KSBDC to work on additional issues and will continue to do so as more expansion is planned as the demand for their service grows.

"We rely on the KSBDC to be there to offer assistance when we need them. They help us build the map that go us started and worked with us along the way whenever we had questions. The information we've received from the m has been just what we needed at the right time. We're looking forward to their continued support as our business grows."
Debra Barbo, CCT