2010 Existing Business of the Year

Fleener Funeral Home

  • Owner: J. Wynn Fleener
  • Nature of Business: Funeral Home
  • City: Greensburg
  • County: Kiowa County
  • Phone: 620-723-2612
  • Business Structure: LLC
  • Business Began: 1907
  • Employees: 2
  • KSBDC Consultant: Mark Buckley

Secret to Success:

"Service is the secret to the Fleener Funeral Home's success. Following the standard of service that was established by my forefathers made Fleener's what it is today."

Fleener's Funeral Home was established in 1907 by William Lewis Fleener and J Wynn is a fourth generation owner. J Wynn found it easy to follow his father's advice to "assume an existing business instead of starting a new one from scratch." As a funeral director, J Wynn experiences the rewards of helping families through difficult times. He also found the importance in the responsibility of taking over a business with a strong reputation and offering the service that is expected of an established name.

When the EF5 tornado struck Greensburg in May 2007, it destroyed both J Wynn's home and his business. He contacted the KSBDC outreach center in Greenburg for assistance in evaluating his options.

"Mark helped evaluate whether I should rebuild, at what cost I could afford and the market that remained for my services."

Photo of ground breaking ceremony.

With no funeral home or embalming facilities, embalming duties were moved to Pratt and services were held in Mullinville and Haviland churches. J Wynn states, "I did not attend business school and my continuing education has been in the area of mortuary law, but with the help of the KSBDC and Mark, I received a crash course in business and business techniques."

"Personal Relationship best describes what Mark did to help me rebuild. He was helpful in developing a business plan and gave that "personal touch" throughout the process, from helping decide the cost of the new facility to attending the ground breaking ceremonies."

The Fleener family has not only been active as a business member of the community but with local organizations. J Wynn serves on the Greensburg School Board, and is an active member of the business recovery team, He also participates in Youth for Christ as a volunteer laborer and Care and Share as a volunteer laborer.

"My advice to someone who wants to open a business is, know your resources and get business development assistance from the KSBDC. They will help you with the due diligence, help you study the market, and help you identify your assets and liabilities."
J Wynn Fleener, Owner